Tuesday, 26 February 2013

What is The What Opinion

My opinion on Dave Eggers "What is The What" has been mixed with both positive and negatives. There is a certain line where I find the book to be interesting and where I find it to be dry. I belive that when Valentino is describing his journey across sudan and his arrival in Ethiopia and life in the refugee camp, that has me hooked. To me it is a very interesting subject, mostly because prior to this book I had not heard much about the lost boys or the walk across sudan, and it is very interesting to learn about it. For example throughout the book when he is describing his journey, there is a mix of facts about the was and the journey of Valentino  This keeps me reading the book because there always seem to problems and different situations that are very interesting. An example of this is between pages 131 - 134 it talks about, how Valentino and his friend are worried about the war and saying that they dont understand what is happening. At that moment Dut begins to explain how the war began and who's said they where on. This kept me hooked and I wanted to read more. Parts of the story that find dry are when he is in america explaining how all the refugees have settled into america, the basketball game and there journey from there empty house to the hospital waiting room. I really find these parts boring  and I struggle to read on. If I was to use a metaphor, I would considers these dry parts as the adds before a movie, and the movie being his journey from sudan to ethiopia. I find it that I am finally getting my head around everything that is happening in sudan and that things are slowly getting better, and then it will jump back to a long 15 page scene in America. I find this very hard to understand and I consider these the dry parts. In conclusion, my opinion on What is the What is both positive and negative.

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