Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Blog or No Blog

Blogging is a space where some people expreses there journeys and thoughts on every day life, however for me it is not a useful tool in a english classroom. Our english classroom is a very open area and everyone shares there thoughts and we discusses many things, however blogging outside of the classroom is less inviting and harder to develop things to write about. "Clue: a space is a place where students will extend our classroom community by meeting each other online, sharing ideas, and extending our learning". A piece of text taken from Mr.Raisdana blog "Clue a Space" explains that his blog is to share ideas and meet others online. However, I find it hard to express my thoughts online because I don't feel as comfortable compared to when I am at the round table, where I feel much  ore comfortable. The text try's to help explain why we have a blog, however for me it shows that blogging for me will not be an easy topic. During classes we are told a lot that we can blog about anything at that we have this freedom to write about whatever we like. For me, it is very hard to think of new ideas and strong ideas that I am capable of writing about in a bog post. On one occasion, we where told to blog about stereotypes about our home country, which was very interesting and that was a positive about blogging for me. However, we only received that idea once, and by having this freedom of writting, for me it makes it a lot harder to blog, because I never know what subject to blog about. In conclusion  a blog is a great sharing place for writers  however I believe that in a english classroom it is not a useful learning tool.

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