Thursday, 15 November 2012

Tomorrow When The War Began Reflection

   a) What is one thing you learned about yourself after reading today? Was there a character or an event in your reading that led you to this new understanding? Tell us about it. 

Today, I did realize I big thing about the books I read. I noticed that I like books that have a very large un solved conflict. For example, Tomorrow when the war the began, shows that australia is being taken over however the details build up over the period of the book which is very interesting. 

   b)  Find a passage you felt was especially well written and describe what you found interesting about the writer's craft. 

" We slipped across the road like shadows and moved around the corner". This is very interesting because you are able to paint that picture of how quiet they have to be in the streets and the pressure that they are under which is very interesting.

  c)  Write about anything else you feel like sharing at this point in your book: predictions, excitement, disappointment, etc....

Throughout the book I was mostly very happy however I am getting very excited  I say this because they are starting to cause a bit of trouble and the army is slowly starting noticing, therefore  dont know what  is gonna happen. Which is actually very exciting because they are moving from house to house and I never know what is going to happen.

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