Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Tomorrow, When the War Began

Today during english class, we went to the library and borrowed a book of our choice.
        The book that I choose was Tomorrow, "When the War Began" by John Marsden. I choose this book because, the librarian had recommended the book, also my older sister had read the book and said it was great. The librarian had said that it was a 6 book series and that it was full of action and was a great read.

         My expectations for the book are relatively high and I am hoping for it to be a great read. I believe this because I have heard nothing but great rating about the book and everything that has been said was positive  Secondly I am only 10 or so pages into the book and it is already sounding great.

        What I am enjoying about the book so far is the mood that has been set. The mood that has been set is more of a slow a sad mood. This is good because it has already got me hooked. Also we know there is a conflict and some pont, because the narrotor of the story keeps referring to an event, however it is unknown at this stage of the book.

       The problem about the book is that in some book I tend to get board and stop reading. This s a real negative factor because I always would like to finish every book that I read, however if I am not hooked to the book the entire time I tend to not want to read the book.

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