Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Single Story Speech Reflection

Today during class, we watched a video of an african women speaking to an audience about her childhood at what single story meant to her. To summarize the speech, she said that

  • Literure creates a single story 
  • Stereotype makes a trend that may people follow and however breaks that trend is considered "different"
  • Single Story never tells the entire story, it only shows people one thing many times.
I found this class very interesting and it made me realize that I have believed a single story. However, I found it so interesting how when she went to university and her roommate was so surprised that she wasn't scary or different listen to african music. At this time she was so amazed by how the world saw africa and she thought to her self that this is ridiculous. Also, the fact that what she was saying was so simple however really spread the message  In conclusion, I believe today was a very eye opening class that taught me what the meaning of single story is.

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