Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Abnormal Characters

H.M. Murdock - A Team (2010)

1.) Explain your understanding of the character?
My understanding of the character is that he is a crazy, funky man who always get the job done. He seems to not be all there in the brain however he excels int transport driving abilities  and also does not care what people think about him and is always very polite to other people. Finally, he is not a quiet people and loves to get his ideas out in the open and try to help people in a positive manner.

2.) Explain your connection to him?
My connection to him is in the way he acts and the personality he shows. Firstly, we relate by the way we dont really care what people think about us. For example if someone thought what I was wearing was weird I would shrug it off and it would not bother me. Secondly, how he is crazy and funky, I am able to relate to that. I dont usually like to be all quiet and normal, I like to step out of my box and be free and be what I want to do. Finally the way he acts around be is similar to the way that I act. I hate when I hurt someones feelings and he always is polite and never is mean or disrespectful. In conclusion I am able to relate to Murdock in many ways.

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