Monday, 24 September 2012

Science- Chemical Reactivity Reflection

A. What are 3 things you learned in this unit?
The three things I have learned in this unit are the different type of bonds, alkali metal,alkaline earth metals, noble gases, halogens and how to balance chemical equations.Firstly, I learnt about covalent and ionic bonds and what is the difference between them. A covalent bonds is when to atoms share electrons to fill there outer shell, giving them the maximum amount of valence electrons. An ionic bond is when one atom steals an electron giving them both a charge, the atom that took the electron will be negative, and the atom that just lost an electron will be positive, however this will only happen in the atoms are stable. Secondly I learnt about alkali metals, alkaline earth metals,, noble gases and halogens. These are different  classifications of elements on the periodic table. Finally, I learnt about chemical equation. Chemical equations are used during a chemical reaction to balance out chemicals due to the law of conservation of mass. 

B. Which of these 3 is something you will likely never forget?
I will probably never forget the difference between ionic and covalent bonds. I will remember this because I studied this very hard  about the different types of bonds and why they are special.

C. What is your favorite thing we did in this unit? Why?
My favorite part of this unit was doing the experiments with different chemicals. Firstly, this was interesting finding out about what happens when different chemicals are combined. Secondly, this was also a learning excersise, because it taught us about the difference between a chemical change and a physical change. 

D. What is something related to what we studied that you are still curious about?
I concept that I am still a little curios about is chemical and physical changes. Although we did the experiments which really helped, I still do not understand how to identify between the two. This was probably the only thing that I am curious about and I would like to understand what they are a little more.

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