Thursday, 6 September 2012

English Class So Far.....

So far in english I have learnt many things. Firstly, that when you are free writing, you first have to get everything out on the page. This is a way to let your ideas flow and not be critical about your writing. Secondly, you then go through your writing piece, taking out parts that dont work, then the parts that do add to them. For example, Mr. Raisdana had a good metaphor. He compared free writing to gold mining, and how you sift through the bucket looking for pieces of gold.
What I really enjoy about this class is the round the table discussions. I find that these discussions, are a really great way to share ideas and get your thoughts out. The discussions, also make us a better class all-around, because the more discussions we have the more confortable people are becoming. I also really enjoy the idea of having a blog. I have never had a blog before and I think that it will be a interesting process of sharing ideas.
The only suggestion I have for the class is that we do more sharing of our pieces. This could be  around the table, and someone reading out there piece and we could all comment (in a positive way) and make suggestion(nicely).


  1. I really liked reading your post Pierce!! Mostly because it is very informational. I liked the part when you were talking about the table discussions! Keep it up Pierce!

  2. You shared your ideas really well about the class discussion and gave feedback on how we could improve it. Looking forward to reading your blog!

  3. I agree with you about sharing our writing more! It would be interesting to see everyone's different ways of writing.

    1. Interesting idea about, sharing stories and writing as a group. Will see what people think. Thanks

  4. Thats a good idea for the round table discussions Pierce, it might actually get people to talk and contribute more but maybe not willingly.